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* **articleimg**: (required) used to determine the main image for the gallery.
* **thumbnailimg**: (optional) used to determine the thumbnail image displayed. Without this enabled, the main image is automatically cropped to create a thumbnail.
* **featuredtext**: (optional) enter in custom text to be displayed in the text area. Without this enabled, approximately 100 characters of text from the post or page is displayed by default.
* **alttext**: (optional) enter in custom text to be displayed for the post or page image alt tag in the value field. Without a value, the image will not have alt text.
To find the post or page IDs in your blog, edit or hover the page and look at the URL. The ID is the number at the end.
Make sure when entering your post or page IDs, you separate each with a comma, but don’t use spaces.
You must have at least two (2) featured items for the gallery to work.
If you do not use the advanced custom fields, all you need to do to add a page or post to the gallery is upload an image and specify the articleimg custom field on your post or page. Simply add in the ID or category to the FCG options page and you’re done.
Advanced custom fields are easy to implement. For custom thumbnail images in the upper carousel, simply add the thumbnailimg custom field to your post or page, and check the box next to that option. Default thumbnail size is 100px x 75px. Use these same dimensions if using custom thumbnails.
For custom text, add the featuredtext custom field and enter in your text as the value (HTML is allowed). Check the box next to that option to use your custom text with the page or post title.
When it comes to colors, there are three options. Border color is the color around the thumbnail images. Background color is the gallery color, that has a slight transparency to it. Text color is self-explanatory. When entering in colors, either call the color by name (red, blue, green, etc.) or use the #hex (#ff0000).
When entering the slide display duration or fade duration, enter your value in milliseconds. 1000 milliseconds = 1 second. You cannot display a slide for less than 1000 milliseconds (1 second). You cannot display a slide transition for less than 500 milliseconds (.5 seconds).
If you are not using the featuredtext custom field, by default the gallery will display 100 words of content from the post or page you are featuring. This is also dependant on the size of your text overlay and what you specify on the options page.


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